Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Back, disappointed

After a busy Friday evening too, it was off to the O'Shea Shield at Chanel College in Masterton. Up at 5:30, at St bernard's at 6:30. We set off at around 7:05, but arrived in enough time to register and enjoy the powhiri. There were huge numbers of people at that. The oratory kicked off at 12:30 and fifteen and a half speakers gave their very best. 15.5? One college had withdrawn, another girl launched into a speech, forgot her place and abandoned the stage.
Once again, we were very disappointed: I'm not sure whether Chris's speech would have won, but it surely deserved far more than the insulting 3 (out of 6, I don't know why) that it received. Worse was to come: Junior Prepared, Impromptu and Religious Drama, all well prepared, all well rehearsed, all given a 3.
But I'm back now, and it's nearly time for curry and cinema.
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