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Goodness gracious me

Well, it was early Thursday when my last real entry was posted. We'd just come back from Episode III. Thursday, as a result, got off to a slow start. I had the two days off work and had sent apologies to Toastmasters. If I'm not getting home till 3:20, then there's not much point if I've got to be up at 5. Thursday was a day of bits and pieces associated with the move, and Friday was more of the same.
On Saturday, lots of things were thrown into yet another skip and eventually we all decided we had had enough and called it a night.
Sunday: Trinity Sunday, as already noted by takahe. But how could I turn down the opportunity of reading the Gospel for the day, the Great Commission? Sunday afternoon, David went off to archery and a rehearsal for MOV, while Matthew and Zak went to see ROTS again, so Chris and I set off to do likewise, while vivh spent the afternoon painting. We reassembled as a family at around 7. I watched "Arrival", the first episode of "The Prisoner", one of my favourite episodes.
Monday: I might have typed some of this into a phone posted entry, but I met a real person to talk to on the train, and real people take precedence over the tiny keyboard on a phone.
Monday lunchtime was a quick couple of bagels. I came home on the 5 25 express, so everything was a few minutes earlier than normal tonight.
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