Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Before we went to church I called Viv to find out how the journey had been. It seems, as ever, that the last part is the longest. The Heathrow Express, the bus to Euston and the Virgin train to Liverpool. Christopher was already asleep when I called.

This morning, our church service theme was "Me first!" and how this works today. As an illustration, teams were put together which would compete in three events - the ping-pong ball on a spoon, the standing long jump and the crawl. My team (Red) had a disappointing performance, scoring two lasts and one second - yet we were awarded the gold medal. The team with the highest total got the gold medal, and one boy was extremely unhappy about this. Not one of our boys, but somebody who should know better...

The sermon was rather lengthy, though not so long as the presentation for Summer Wine, an Anglican event over the new year break. The service and lunch were poorly attended, probably because it's the first weekend of the holidays. It's a much better day today than it was yesterday, with a hot sun for the first time in a while and very little wind.
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