Ian (ringbark) wrote,

This is crazy

It's been almost a week since I posted anything here, yet I've been reading just as much as ever. We've pretty much finalised our itinerary and all that remains is to pay for the tickets. We had some people (friends of a friend) to look at the house on Friday night, but I got a thanks-but-no-thanks phone call from them this morning. A real estate agent Viv knows through the school has been engaged for us.
On Thursday morning, though some of you will think it was Wednesday, Liverpool FC beat AC Milan in the super duper Champions League. The stuff of dreams: it's well known that when you are 3-0 down, it's all over. But it wasn't, and they came back to win on penalties after coming back to 3-3. I'm still unhappy that major tournaments are decided by sudden death shootouts like that: a replay is a much more agreeable way to do it, but with the schedules as they are now, it's probably not likely to happen.
The week just passed by, with the continuation of getting ready to leave and the continuation of finishing the last month at work.
In the weekend we just had, Saturday was slow to start but when it did we went to The Warehouse in Upper Hutt. It's not a time to be buying anything, however. Sunday was the usual sort of Sunday. After lunch, David had a practice for MOV, which was easier because he didn't go to archery as the weather was too bad. Sunday night was the ladies' night out at church: I stayed at home and did generally not much, except downloading the trailer for Gotham Cafe - the movie of Lunch at the Gotham Cafe, a marvellous story by Stephen King that I've probably mentioned here before.
Tonight was the Upper Hutt Toastmasters Table Topics contest - Viv chaired the contest, I was one of judges. There's no point in either of us competing, as we'll be gone before it gets to the next round. But now it's time for coffee and sleep.
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