Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The following weekend

Watch another week whizz past. This has been another one that just disappeared. Where do they go? Tuesday lunchtime there was a thrilling meeting of Up Top Toastmasters, matched by Capital Breakfast on Thursday morning, which had an ice-breaker speech and a second speech, both marvellous.
Between times, there was an invited visit from a real estate agent, who is now marketing our house. See previous brief post.
Tuesday night we said goodbye to one of my work colleagues, by way of an evening out at vivo, a restaurant I had never been to before (and will probably never go to again...)
Thursday night was another farewell, but it was much less elegant. The Malthouse is far too loud for my liking and I even accompanied a smoker onto their balcony to get away from the noise. on Thursday I sent out the invitation to our farewell party to all of those at work. There have been a number of acceptances, and a number of declines (unfortunately larger, but it's a busy weekend and it gives people an opportunity if they want to say goodbye.)
Friday was the usual curry day. Lunch at Little India, dinner at Mr India. It's probably not a best balanced way to conduct a week, but it seemed to work out.
Today was spent making the place fit for real estate visits, but there were none. We then went out to Lower Hutt to buy things like jumpers, pyjamas and slippers, and to Upper Hutt to buy Subway sandwiches and decorative paper.
The boys are outside playing. Why? It is freezing! Viv is cooking bacon for tea. At least, I suppose that is what it is. The crackling in the pan is consistent with the cooking of bacon. Fluffy is sitting on the back of the chair.

Invitation to anyone reading this:
Saturday 25th June
6pm till later
Koraunui School Hall (ex-Stokes Valley School)
Kairimu Street
Stokes Valley
Farewell party for ringbark, vivh, bamboobowboy, pcfreak8, mespot
All welcome - RSVP for catering purposes
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