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Turns out it was bacon

But that was Saturday's tea. Since then, we've had a weekend, and a long weekend at that. Happy birthday, Your Majesty! (Problem is, it's not her real birthday.) Sunday was another quiet sort of day. Viv went off to paint after church, David went off to archery and play rehearsal, while Matthew and Chris went into town to play online computer games with Zak, leaving me an afternoon by mmyself, which i unfortunately spend unconstructively.
Today, Queen's Birthday holiday, was another quiet day. It took a while to get going, and when it did, Viv went out to a Kids' Games follow-up meeting while the rest of us had a game of Mine-a-Million. Matthew won this one, though if Chris's barge hadn't sunk just before he reached Port Boston it would have been a different story.
We've just been watching things like "Border Control" which explain how NZ's immigration, customs and quarantine work these days, followed by "Dawn Raids", a documentary on the dark days of dawn raids on Polynesian overstayers or anyone who might be considered even remotely to be a Polynesian overstayer. I liked the bit about them approaching Maori... "Which island are you from?" "Er, the North Island..."
But now the boys have gone to bed and the computer gaming is nearly at an end for another night.
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