Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Patchy updates

There's nothing wrong with the internet connection here, just with the person using it. Friday was indeed a fairly good day. Lunch with the usual suspects at Little India, an evening spent doing whatever it is we do on Friday nights...Viv went off to something or other and I bought too much pizza from Hell in Upper Hutt, including a pizza that was too hot for me to eat.
A slow start on Saturday, though a panic whe the house hadn't straightened out and it looked like someone was coming to look at it. Fortunately (or not) they decided they didn't like it before they arrived.
Viv and Matthew went out to a GKP reunion, Chris went off to a friend's house, David went off to a youth group and I didn't do anything even the slightest bit useful.
Saturday evening was curry night...
Sunday was another weekend day. A celebration: one of our number who has been fretting has been told that yes, ordination to the diaconate will take place in November, so stop the fretting already. So a smiling face and much congratulation.
Sunday afternoon. I know there was more driving up and down the Hutt Valley, but that gets to be more and more usual.
Cats lying in front of the fire. That's usual too. The weather after work today was pretty grim. I didn't even realise it had started to rain till I stepped out onto Lambton Quay, so it was a bit of a shock. At least it's warmer than it was last Tuesday and we can be pretty sure that there won't be a frost tomorrow morning.
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