Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Lazy Sunday afternoon?

On Friday morning, the day started as usual. It was never going to be a quiet weekend. I'm sure there are things I could put in this journal that are more entertaining, but I don't usually remember what they are. Lunch at Tulsi with a few of the colleagues from work, as is pretty much usual for a Friday. After work, I went down to the 4th floor to have drinks with my friends there. There was some very fine white wine there, some of the best I have come across as Friday drinks.
Just about seven, it was time fro pizza, followed by Blue Heelers, which finished with those most troublesome words "to be continued...". After that, coffee and bed.
Saturday morning started with Matthew playing the last game of the season, allowing us all the opportunity to see one of his games at last. Junior cricket isn't the most exciting game, but his team did win, and Matthew was awarded Player of the Day, a very acceptable end to the season.
Viv went off to the supermarket after fish and chips for lunch, and bought whatever people buy at supermarkets, giving us something to eat for the rest of the week.
It was then almost time for us to go to the balloon festival in Solway. We went there last year and it was wonderful. This year, the highlights were a 50 metre (160 feet) Scottish piper balloon, a 42 metre dragon from Canadia and various food stalls. These included a stall selling Parkvale mushrooms, another stall selling Swiss pastries including milk bread, apple cake, Nussgipfel, ham rolls and most importantly, rosti.
The train journey to and from the festival was on time (unlike last year) and very enjoyable too, for the most part. It's an evening I would recommend to anyone, given the chance.
This morning promised to be less encouraging, as we had too many events to get to.
Viv got up and went to church to make the hot bread loaf, then came back and picked up the rest of us to go back to the service, with David's music practice at 9:45. Then, Christopher and Viv set off to Christopher's t-ball prizegiving and returned at about 11:30, when our service had finished but we were setting off round the district singing and praising (Palm Sunday) and inviting people to our Easter services. After that, I had a leadership training meeting. Viv took David to his prizegiving, then came to pick me up, then I went to the end of David's prizegiving, where he won most improved player for the second season in a row... as well as a top team trophy.
After that, we were at home and I was preparing to go out to Lower Hutt for the next session of O'Shea coaching when Joe called to say he couldn't make it.
So in fact I have a couple of hours spare, some of which is being spent typing this stuff. More later, no doubt.
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