Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another collection of goodbyes

On Tuesday I wrote about Wellington Harbour and ran out of space before I got to the end of the story. But you're not hearing it now either!
On Tuesday, it became more clearly obvious that there isn't much work left for me to do. Yes, there's still some last bits and pieces, documentation and checking, but most of it is done.
At lunchtime, it was the last meeting (for me) of Up Top Toastmasters. It's been a fine experience for us all as I have acted as mentor at that club, seeing it move from a new club with struggles in speeches, evaluation and timekeeping to a strong club with ability in all those areas. Tuesday's meeting went on a few minutes late as they said goodbye to me.
And another farewell on Tuesday evening, my last parish Vestry meeting. At the end, the Vestry passed a resolution thanking Viv and me for all our work in the Parsih or something - I haven't seen the minutes yet and can't remember the exact words.
I don't remember there being many farewells on Wednesday, though of course there was the final event at the Youth Group for the boys. It was an early start on Wednesday, as we got up for Matthew's birthday, had him open a decidedly small collection of gifts and then eat a breakfast from the Golden Arches.
This morning was the breakfast at Leuven to say goodbye to Capital Breakfast Toastmasters. Members past and present, District Officers, a couple of people from Up Top and various others, including vivh, came along to the breakfast, a fine affair. Corinne spoke at some length about my exploits, drawing on last week's speech about darumas and goal setting. I ended up with a collection of things they would be the first to admit are rubbish, a farewell card and a copy of the Penguin book of 20th century speeches, which looks to be a very fine gift. As for the kind words spoken by so many people, I can say it was one of the best ego trips I have ever been on.
But that's not all...10 o'clock saw the morning tea at work. I had the opportunity to hear and speak again. This time, it was a silver fern shirt and a book of Kiwi information. After that, I wasn't much in the mood for lunch.
I had to leave early to go with Viv to Parent Teacher interviews. The main thrust of what the teachers were saying seemed to be that they are bright and polite boys and they will be very sorry to see them go. As usual, we followed parent interviews with pizza and are now dealing with more stuff that needs to be done before we leave.
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