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It's been very busy here! On Friday, there was scarcely any Bank work for me to do, but plenty of other things. A couple of small problems with the house selling meant several trips to the solicitor, including one with Viv at about five o'clock. I was in fact quite glad not to spend many hours drinking at work, as I'm sure it would only have led to Bad Things. We drove back along SH2, which again reminded me why the train is such a fine choice.
Saturday was always going to be a crazy day, and it was. An early(ish) start, and the disposal of a washing machine, a tumble dryer, a fridge/freezer, a microwave oven...
We also needed to finalise the Party arrangements. The three nominated caterers which had been visited on Friday all provided what was asked: Mr India in Lower Hutt provided pakora, bhujee, samosas and other similar, collected by Steve for us; Pizza Hutt in Taita provided ten pizzas, garlic bread and cheesy stuff while Lower Hutt's Subway provided platters of sandwiches.
Just after six, the party got under way. It was a gloomy and freezing night, but the friendship of about sixty from church, Toastmasters, school, work, elsewhere were very welcome and ate their way through most of the food and drank their way through much of our odd collection of drinks.
Sunday: we attended both services and then had a shared lunch with our church friends. Our main gift from them was a framed picture of the church, which was a welcome one, to go with our framed pictures of st Andrew's (Bebington), St Giles (Sheldon), Joy Bible Institute Chapel (Port Vila) and St James (Mahora, Hastings).
But there was still a mass of things to do and we continued. We have now also disposed of our beds to the Refugee and Migrant Service and most of other stuff either to neighbours, friends or the city dump (closed Good Friday, Christmas and New Year but open on Thanksgiving).
Today is settlement on the house and we have plenty of stuff still to do, including disposing of the stuff still here, visiting the bank and sorting out there, handing over our car and getting into town for the last couple of nights. Oh, and our air freight is going this morning too.
I've probably missed some of the detail here, but i think you get the idea.
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