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08:22 pm: Last night in Wellington
What a couple of days! We rose early on Tuesday becase there was so much to do, and we did most of it. The 4 o'clock deadline was, fortunately, not being strictly enforced. As the day wore on, more and more stuff was being taken to the landfill, otherwise thrown away, handed out to neighbours or passers by...
We finally got out around eight and came to the Ibis in town. From there, it's been a quietish day today. We saw WOTW this morning - great effects, disappointing characterisations. vivh didn't like that it's set in the NE corridor and not in London. I think it owes a fair amount to Orson Welles rather than just HG Wells. And we'll be seeing part of its set on 1st July!
Then we went off to Iplay for a while, followed by Burger King on the Quay, a quick drink at Leuven and then dinner at the Malthouse, which was rather disppointing. The pizza wasn't the best, the lemondae was far too sweet.
Viv took a load of photos of Wellington by night and we are now back at the Ibis winding down before tomorrow's flights.

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