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Catching up, all the way to Anaheim

Another uneventful flight. There was some turbulence but nothing even the slightest bit remarkable. The food wasn't bad, but the service was very slow. The pane was also hotter inside than any I remember, so I didn't sleep too well.
Los Angeles immigration was fairly painless, at least as much as it ever is for foreigners ("aliens") visiting the US. Anyway, we eventually arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn at Nash/Mariposa and dropped off all our enormous number of bags before we set off to Universal City for a bite to eat, though we had all processed some email and LJ stuff before then.
We went to the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe for tea. I don't think I've ever been to one before, or it might have been in Auckland once. Or was it some other crowd? Not sure...
We travelled back late to the hotel and after night of sleep and another of the HGI's magnificent breakfasts we set off to Universal again. Shrek 4D, Jurassic Park, The Mummy, the special effects and of course the tram ride through the backlot. It's still exciting. We've now seen the War of the Worlds, so the reason for the crashed 747 is now clear, but it's still magnificent thing to look at, one of the largest sets you'll see anywhere.
Back to the hotel to pick up bags and then a taxivan to the Anaheim Hilton. Unfortunately, broadband net is not free here, but it's still worth having, I suppose. It certainly means that you can check mail, LJ, news and other stuff with no problem at all.
Viv and I have just treated ourselves to some room service supper, in the shape of a guacamole burger and apple crumble for me and a filet mignon for Viv, with all day breakfasts for the boys, though they are in a room nearby.
It's late here, surely almost time for us to turn in for the night.
An early start tomorrow morning as we go off to Disney's property for two days at the Happiest Place On Earth.
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