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02:21 pm: LAX to NYC
Live from LAX airport. It's a late night flight to New York that we have just checked in for, with David having just been sent off to Auckland. The line at Terminal 2 (Air NZ) was mad, but Terminal 7 (United to JFK) wasn't much better. The security features of check-in are still in force, as I take my first US domestic flight since 9-11.
But today was spent at Disney at Anaheim, our second day there. Here is something for Southern Californians:

SPACE MOUNTAIN IS RUNNING AGAIN. OK, so it's only in beta-test, and it breaks down from time to time, but it's baaaaack!!! therobbergirl please tell lara7, I don't know if she visits here regularly. And I hope you had a cool birthday: I had two of them, one in New Zealand and one in California.

Cool trip so far! We're on our way now, the end is in sight, but sleep is a bit short. We'll be setting off at just before midnight and arriving in New York at 8am, 5 hours later. But it will be 4th July.

What else is new? Not too much...I'll write more about Disney later. But what a magnificent couple of days we have had. That is all.

We arrived at JFK about 8 this morning and got a famous yellow cab to the Waldorf=Astoria. From there, we had a typical New York brekfast and went on to Battery Park where we looked at the Statue of Liberty from afar before catching the Staten Island Ferry. We had a quick look round, including their "postcards" memorial of 9-11.
We are not really in much of a state after the exctement of the past few days, so are still undecided about the NY fireworks tonight. Our hearts say it will be magnificent, but our heads say an early night might well be better.


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Date:July 5th, 2005 01:38 am (UTC)
Yes, I know you are in CA and lara7 is in WA, Seattle if I remember correctly. But she is the one who has posted video of It's A Small World ad another ride, again if I remember correctly. So this suggests at least a passing interest in the Mouse.
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