Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A short week

Work is over already, nothing further till Monday.
The week has whistled past, with lots happening. Monday came and went before I even had time to catch my breath. While I was at lunch, Clarrie called to say that this month's Unlimited magazine had arrived, so I collected it and found there was plenty to read this month, meaning that when on Tuesday I received my copy of The Economist, I didn't have so much time to read it as usual. I also agreed to give an educational talk on Thursday morning about table topics (short impromptu speeches for those unversed in Toastmaster-speak).
Before that, however, an early start on Wednesday for us to have a conference call with some staff from our parent bank in the U.K. We expected it to last an hour, they said it would be two, but in fact we were talking to them for three and a quarter hours, at the end of which time we were overloaded and exhausted.
Wednesday night saw Matthew attending his prizegiving (he's best team player) and me going to the next in out Lent study series.
This morning, a short presentation on table topics (as previously discussed) and the committee meeting rescheduled from Tuesday. Yes, it's the same most weeks. I can scarcely remember the food for lunch this week, but today it was a chicken and capsicum sandwich.
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