Ian (ringbark) wrote,


Yes, a quiet day in Munich. We arrived a bit late, cleared immigration and customs easily (when in Europe, Europeans have the edge) and bought some stuff from a supermarket before getting a taxi into town.
Then it was a bath and shower and a change of clothes: after a day in NY and an overnight flight, we all needed it. Then some wandering around Munich. Marienplatz, the river, a ride on a bicycle powered tourist vehicle. Poor driver, taking all four of us round central Munich. Refreshment in the form of ice cream and a McD served with beer. See http://www.netfunny.com/rhf/jokes/92q4/mcdonalds.html for the old joke about this. Then we wandered round town some more, found we had ended up at Hilton's other hotel in Munich and came back to the right one for a veryv early night so we would be fresh as a daisy. Seems to have worked. It's a quarter to five and we're all wide awake. Yippee.
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