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10:10 pm: Thursday evening
We didn't go to The London Eye today, and we probably won't be going to Madame Tussaud's tomorrow. In fact, the only thing we did today once we had arrived at the hotel was send messages to say we were fine and to watch the BBC news.
Just after 6, mike2sheds met up with us for a couple of beers and a chat. It's 22 years since I saw him, when we were students. We walked round close to the hotel, hoping to find somewhere to go, but it was hopeless. Everywhere was either overcrowded or closed. So we came back to the hotel and talked there.
It's been a day that we won't forget, but I suppose it makes our day of return one that nobody will forget.


Date:April 8th, 2006 03:17 pm (UTC)

"a day that we won'r forget"

Most people find that spending a few hours with mike2sheds makes a day they won't forget.
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Date:April 8th, 2006 03:19 pm (UTC)

Re: "a day that we won't forget"

We try to forget, but it's impossible. Get your own LJ account, Ciaran.
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