Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Lazy Sunday afternoon

What a day this has been. After church, we came home and had lunch. Then it was up to Chris's room (also known as "Paddington's Room") to sort out a mass of clothing and junk in there and shift furniture so that we can move a single bed in there tomorrow after they deliver a kingsize to mum's old room, which has the single in it at the moment. Also required: moving wardrobes, dressing tables, other cupboards and stuf. All in the middle of a 27 degree afternoon n a poorly ventilated room. We've thrown out a load of other stuff - at least fifteen black sacks of clothing and another half dozen of junk. Over sixty cardigans. Maybe forty pairs of shoes, most never work. Claire House ( http://www.claire-house.org.uk/ ) will/may be delighted to have all this stuff to sell.
But we are very hot, very tired and will be glad of a good night's sleep.
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