Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday already?

Our bed finally arrived at 7:15pm, by which time I was wondering whether we'd be sleeping on the floor. It took a while to put it together: two bottom parts, a mattress, a headboard: easier said than done, and by the time it was assembled, it was obvious that the bed is a long way off the frond, so you don't want to fall out of it (not even for a mat finish) and it was also very late.
But before that, some useful things had happened. I've started the process of letting the Government know we're here. I've cancelled the mail direction from here to the slicitor, I've told various financial institutions where we are, I've started getting the forms to put Chris into school...all that exciting stuff that has to be done. We've also been to see the bank, introduce ourselves and reorder plastic. It's all go!
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