Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday evening

A fairly quiet day started with the non-arrival of our air-freight. Viv was upstairs, Matthew was in his pyjamas, I was in the bath. Knock at the door, by the time anyone got there, a paper had been pushed through the door saying we needed to contact them for redelivery. :-(
Then off to the bank to open savings accounts for the boys. Unfortunately, they haven't validated Viv's identity, so we couldn't open a savngs account. Damn these risk management rules and regulations. I mean, it's not as if we're transferring thousands of dollars internationally...oh, wait...
Then it was off to the old stamping grounds and showing the boys where I grew up, where Viv grew up, where I went to school (condemned 1926, demolished 1972) and suchlike. What church is that? That's St Andrew's, where we went on Sunday. Mayer Park, all the usual places.
Matthew and I bought some bread and milk, Viv and I went off to post a letter and saw five fire engines attending to our local pub. Five! That's not a drill, is it? The Merebrook had a smell of smoke, but I think it has survived.
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