Ian (ringbark) wrote,

End of the weekend

Friday we went to the solicitor in Chester. We did not walk round the walls, though it was still warm. There's still a way to go, but the end is in sight. After that, we went off to M&S and bought a duvet, a duvet cover and some pillowcases. They make our room look quite decadent, but more importantly, ours! Slowly, we're claiming this house for the next generation. We've started on the dining room, which will be the most difficult, I think. As well as all the dining and drinking stuff, it's also the repository for papers, junk, books and lots of other things.
Saturday: Viv went and bought HP, while the tidying continued. Viv read HP, I watched Dominick Hide. I'll only say this once, and I'll only say it quietly. I've never read the Harry Potter books.
Sunday: early start, off to church where the preacher was Bishop Colin, who was preaching about the parable of the talents. This was a very good sermon, touching on lots of important issues of today too.
Aftet that, off to Viv's mum's house for a roast dinner. Very nice! Very hot afternoon too. We went for a walk about the area afterwards, showing the boys that England is not one big urban sprawl and that it has spaces an woodland every bit as good as in Aotearoa. Better, in fact: England has squirrels but doesn't have possums.
After a light tea, we went off to the shops to buy some more bits and pieces. We would have gone to Asda, but missed the bus.
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