Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The days flick by, just like the old days

Let me see if I can remember what we did this week.
Monday...tried to get hold of somebody about our air freight. But the main thing about Monday was that it was the appeal to get Matthew into the grammar school. After that, I had to go and be processed by the jobcentre, so that they could explain why I wasn't going to be paid a benefit. The day took a turn for the better when we heard that our appeal had been successful, so we can look forward to hm going to the Grammar School. See http://www.wirralgrammarboys.wirral.sch.uk/frameset.htm for details of the school. Played cards. They are starting to learn solo whist.
Tuesday...still no air freight. We went to the bank to sort out some more details, opened a savings account, had some online grocery shopping delivered - did more tidying and sorting around the house. Played cards till late. Then the boys wanted to watch a documentary about truancy.
Today...a continued major stuff-up about our ar freight. The driver who was supposed to be delivering our customs form C3, which we had already filled in before leaving NZ, had damaged the doo of his van and couldnt be with us till it was fixed. TNT have only driver in ou whole area? He delivered it while we were out. The TNT office man had said he would send a driver out to pick i up, but when I called him he seemed to have changed his mind. He can't book calls to our area after 11:30am. So I posted it to him.
About six o'clock, someone completely new phoned us from TNT. She had found our original C3 and was in the process of getting our stuff cleared. She had arranged a driver to pick it up at 8pm and he'd e with us by 9. Yes, he was! Our air freight arrived at 8:46pm. It's in a disappointing condition even so - the glass on the picture of our church is smashed, some of Viv's acrylc pictures have been pressed against each other or even creased, and various other bits are chipped. But we DO have it, and most of it is in good shape.
We drank coffee out of the mugs Janice gave us (thank you). the picture is now on the mantelpiece (sans glass) and various books are on the bookshelves.
It's going to be another busy coupl of days as we assimilate this lot. But it is slowly starting to look like Ian and Viv's house rather than Marjorie and John's.
But back to earier today...we went to Liverpool. It's a city that has so much life. The clouds above St John's Beacon made your eyes go gozzy as you looked up. Is the tower falling? Probably not. We went round some of the shops; Chris got his world map, I bought a map of our area, Matthew bought a copy of Computer Buyer and won't rest until he has naggd me into buying a machine for him. Apparently http://www.tiny.com is the place to buy. Anyone have experience of these people?
But it's nearly bedtime again now, even though those of you in NZ have ony just started work. With the 24/7 nature of the net, time zones are more significant than they used to be. Bruce will only just have posted today's nzaardvark articles, for example. That is all.
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