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vivh has reasonably complained that I'm not posting often enough. Certainly it's been almost a week since I did post a coherent what-I've-been-doing post.
The weekend was a fairly busy one as we went off and organised some stuff and went to church, followed by lunch at Betty's place. On Monday, Chris took his first practice exam, which seemed to go well. Then we took the ferry to Liverpool. After we came home, we installed some new touch lamps for the bedroom, plugged in a new DVD player and started to have fun.
Tuesday I went off to a sort of job interview in Birkenhead. That seemed to run pretty well. After that, it was back home. On Tuesday afternoon, we had another delivery of groceries. This included a freeview box. Amazing! 68 television and radio channels for a one-off payment of thirty pounds. And most of them we will never watch!
Wednesday? What happened on Wednesday? I ordered a skip which was delivered yesterday afternoon. 6 cubic yards for 110 pounds. Well, they all seem to charge the same. Wednesday morning we'd been out to get school uniform for Matthew and Betty cam to lunch.
Thursday saw Chris's second exam practice, more buying of bits and pieces and then, just after three, we started throwing stuff into the skip. Masses of stuff that had been in the garage till now, plus a load of stuff in the corner of the garage that Mum and Dad never unpacked after moving here in 1985. That was very hard. Little, very little, was stuff of mine that were almost forgotten but treasured. Some of it was my parents' special stuff that presumably wasn't so special. And stored badly for 20 years, some of it just had to go. With the prospect of being stored another twenty years, most of the rest had to go too. Books, clothes, electrical items, crockery, miscellaneous junk that in many cases defies description. Two lives disappointingly discarded. It's back-breaking and heart-breaking.
I got up late this morning. There will be more of the same today. Not just the mysterious boxes in the back of the garage, but the books on the shelves in the dining room, the living room and most of the landing. That's not counting the things already removed from the display cabinet. Including a very ordinary dinner service, which we have now pressed into daily service. Or the grog cabinet. The half-drunk bottles of wine have gone, but the spirits live on. Masses of whisky, gin, brandy, pernod, calvados, some of other spirits, scarcely any of the stuff we drink the most. Leave a drinks cabinet and it will eventually be full of drinks you don't much like.
No bath this morning, we'll wait till we've done the tidying up.
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