Ian (ringbark) wrote,

July 30 news

- A new planet confirmed in the solar system, about three times the size of Pluto but twice as far away. Orbit inclined 44 degrees, so not at all like the other planets.

- Crash at Disney California Adventure, on the California Screamin' rollercoaster. About 14 injuries. Less than a month since we were all there and riding it, aware that most of the time it's fun, but nothing is risk-free.

- The Republic of Vanuatu celebrates twenty-five years of independence. As has frequently been noted, everyone should note it is 25 years OF independence, not 25 years SINCE independence.

- The Today programme on Radio 4 is collecting votes for the greatest painting in Britain at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/vote/greatestpainting/index.shtml - please vote for Holman Hunt's "The Light Of The World" at Keble College, Oxford. See it at http://www.keble.ox.ac.uk/support/getimage.php?id=75 ; if you do decide to post this request in your own journal or elsewhere, please let me know.
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