Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Cheshire Oaks

Today we talked to someone about doors and then we went off to Cheshire Oaks, a massive shopping and cinema complex. Sixteen screens - you don't see that in Wellington. You also don't usually see twenty-five minutes of adverts before the main feature starts. Can someone tell me if this is usual in Britain these days? Twenty-five? Including about four different brands of car, one of them twice?
The movie was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The movie stopped at a key point and a front-of-house person came and apologised, saying it was caused by a power surge. I stopped liking power surges 23 days ago. It meant we missed a key part of the plot: we missed the link that took us from the shoe-shine scene to the house. Can someone explain what happened there?
Once we were home, there was a message to say that my Aunt, who had been keeping half an eye on the house here and who dropped by last weekend, has had a stroke and is in the hospital. I called my cousin back, but there's really no more news.
We spent the evening watching TV - Casualty, Mrs Thatcher's mistakes, Airline - usual sort of rubbish really, and reading some books we bought at Borders.
Pretty soon, bedtime again.
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