Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday night

Viv was complaining that I'm stealing all her best news. Sunday was an ordinary sort of Sunday, with a church service followed by Betty coming to lunch at our place.
Running quickly through the week, on Monday we went to Birkenhead for the firs part of Christopher's real life eleven plus exam before going to Liverpool. We had some groceries delivered and The Man came to measure us for doors. The front door and the garage door need replacement.
Yesterday, I tried to give blood again, but it's apparently not possible to tes for West Nile virus and malaria in the same sample, so I have to go back next week. Apparently West Nile virus is endemic throughout the USA and Canada, so blood needs to be screened for it for 28 days after leaving there. Unfortunately, it was only 26 days.
After that, we went to New Brighton, which is not named after a suburb of Christchurch - it's the other way round. The place isn't as it was in its heyday, but it is not nearly so run down or polluted as it was when we were growing up. Funfairs, fish and chips, ice cream and a massive sandy beach. What more could you ask?
Today it was, among other things, cleaning bathroom tiles. I also went and bought a fluorescent tube to replace the one in the living room that stopped working a little while back. They aren't easy to track down, and even when you do find one, it doesn't work. I think the problem is wth the fitting rather than the tube.
We don't like it, so it's on the hit list for replacement anyhow.
After signing on the dole tomorrow, we're going to London. This time we're trying the Hilton London Euston. This visit is to try some of the tourist things we couldn't do on 7 and 8 July.
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