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06:16 pm: Positive thoughts....must think positive thoughts
After a slow start, we got a taxi into Coventry before getting a bus to look at the magnificent Birmingham Airport, which has added a triumphant and brilliant second terminal since we were last there. A delightful rail replacement bus took us into the city of Birmingham. As we looked around, I was amazed by the amount of change there. There was almost nothing left unchanged in the city compared with how we remembered it. Surprisingly for someone who had lived there for more than six years, I must say that the changes seemed positive.
Matthew was disappointed that we ventured into almost no shops there.
However, we did have fun on both canal boats (unknown when we lived here) and on the Birmingham Wheel (a bit like the London Eye but much smaller). Oh, and the Sea Life Aquarium. Very good, but we were spoiled by the real life in the Pacific.
Then we went home, starting with the mainline to Glasgow as far as Crewe, the local to Chester and the metro to Bromborough. We arrived there at just after 7.
Today has been spent sorting through things and following up with potential employers.


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Date:August 8th, 2005 06:44 pm (UTC)
You started very positively but it definitely started to fade as you carried on! I guess you just can't keep up unlimited optomism, I think I know someone in NZ who could give you some help with that!
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