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Weekend, new computer, notes, milkman

Lunchtime Thurday, as readers of vivh will already know, saw the arrival of the new machine, along with a desk to put it on and a separate nest of tables for the living room. I have always wanted a nest of tables since I first saw one at Jean and William's place when I was a boy, but mum and dad never liked them. Nests, that is, not Jean and William.
Anyway, on Friday we went off to Liverpool, where we bought a variety of things, including an ADSL modem and wireless router. By now, we've configured our system so that we can play games across our network or share our net connection. Four people sharing a 56k modem connection isn't ideal, but it is better than no connection at all. We have today signed up for broadband, which I hope won't be an ugly experience.
Yesterday saw us playing an online game for a while, after which the boys went to bed, followed by Ian and Viv playing anohe one and staggering into bed at an early hour.
Today was little better, but this afternoon we did buy a new shower curtain and bathroom mats. It's all go!
The other exciting news is that we now have service from a local milkman. I quote lexin, who writes It is possible - indeed usual - to get milk and some other groceries (bread, eggs, orange juice) delivered daily by the milkman. This gives rise to the weekly scrabble among the family to get together enough money to pay the milkman, a ceremony which so enlivened my childhood. and this describes my childhood just as adequately. Daily order: 4 pints of whole milk and a white, medium sliced loaf.
But on Monday, I will be talking to someone about a part time IT/finance position, and will see whether it will be a good fit for me and for the company. If so, money may start to arrive here again.

I note with sadness the passing of David Lange, the best known New Zealand Prime Minister of recent years. His most famous speech is commented upon and quoted at http://www.publicaddress.net/default,1578.sm - remember the man and enjoy the speech again.
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