Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Quick catchup

Our life seems to have become populated by numerous games of The Titans, just like Viv said it would when we got a network at home. But it's been fun, most of the time.
Sunday saw a modest service at church, which also heralded the start of the Merseyfest week. I'll be doing things for it on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenngs, while Viv is involved every day.
Monday and I was off to Liverpool to engage in discussion about a possible IT project. As usual, I'm not commenting on work in detail, except to say that it sounds and interesting, short term, part time project.
Today, a trip to London for the PRMIA/ISDA seminar this evening and to prove to myself as much as anyone else, that I'm still "in the loop" as far as Financial Risk Management is concerned.
I spent almost the whole trip to London readin lexin's latest opus. It's very well written, and very well typed (two things that are all too rare in my experience) so I might not have much to say about it. Nevertheless, there are a few bits that my sadly pedantic mind has picked up. The only problem is that critical reading takes so much longer. I could easily have read and enjoyed the whole fic if that was all I was doing, but as it is I seem to be only about a third of the way through it.
There is unoubtedly still an increased police presence here in London, but not quite so increased as it was. So maybe that means it's decreased?
Anyhow, more will be happening later in the day and tomorrow, and I might even write about it. I suppose things will happen after tomorrow too, but I'll be home by then. That is all.
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