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On Wednesday morning, not wanting to pay Hilton's usurious prices for breakfast, I walked up to Warren Street for a Big Breakfast at about one-sixth of the price of a hotel feast.
The rest of the day was taking it easy around London before catching the train back to Merseyside, right up to the point I arrived home. I knew that it would be a quick turnround, and indeed I wasn't home for long at all before I set off to my first Merseyfest event: steward at Wednesday night's youth event. This was pretty good. The remaining three days followed pretty much the same pattern: late starts, Viv going off to her event, me going to mine later.
This continued until today, when the morning was taken up by the carefl study of tiles and wallpaper for the bathroom, shopping at Asda and then computer games and curry.
We try not to be degenerates, but sometimes we are. After tea, I spent a while washing and tidying in the kitchen to the first tunes of "Nature's Best", but I've finised that now and am just wrapping up the day with a coffee.
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