Ian (ringbark) wrote,


After we rose on Sunday, it was time to go off to church. A short service in a packed church, packed because there were three baptisms. After that, it was off to Betty's house for lunch. She is having the same issues with a house, as she slowly goes through domel's stuff and either disposes of it or sends it to a good home, just like we are doing with my mum's stuff.
Today was spent sorting out the proposal for work later in the week and arranging and filling in forms for other things later this week, much like most of yeserday was spent sorting out legal forms for the ownership of a house, the delivery of sea freight, and other things too.
Somehow the whole plan comes together one way or another.
But I suppose the most excting thing today was the email that said Fantastic news, your phone line is now ready for 2Meg Broadband. This is the fastest speed your phone line will support, click here for more info. Now your phone line is ready, set up your modem or Livebox by following the Easy Set-Up Guide that came with it in the box. Of course, the Set-Up wasn't that Easy. Somewhere along the line our wireless network cables got tangled, but it's all sorted out now, so we can do things really, really fast now.
This afternoon we did exciting stuff like having Viv buy shoes for Chris, while I tried but failed to buy some printer paper. We did buy a new mouse for Chris, however. That's a computer mouse: we're through with the rodent mammal sort.
Tonight, form filling, reservations for later in the week, more forms and admin.
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