Ian (ringbark) wrote,


The working week got started on Tuesday, which felt like Monday. Only Andrew and I turned up for the committee meeting at lunchtime. That wasn't enough, so i went off to the new Subway on The Terrace for lunch.
After work, I was coaching Joe for his oratory speech again. Back home after that, then pretty soon it was Wednesday. I picked up The Economist after work, a day late with the Easter holidays. As I was walking to the station holding it, another guy shouted "Snap!" He was carrying his copy. So I'm not the only subscriber from the Wellington CBD.
The last study in the series was last night.
This morning was our Table Topics competition. An unexpected winner in Pat, who will now represent us in the area contest. Well done! And more oratory coaching tonight.
After I got home, there was a documentary on television about the conquistadors, during which I fell asleep. But at least it gives me something to stick at the top of the diary entry.
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