Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Life is a minestrone

What a week this has been. Saturday was mainly taken up with not much, seeing as Friday had been so tense. Christopher didn't seem to know what the problem was: apparently we wre pretending to be xhausted, though it didn't seem like that to us. We went to Betty's house for a meal, then the boys went off to play while we sorted out some of the problems of the world. It's easy to do that when you don't have to put it into practice.
Sunday was much as ever: get up and go to church, where the sermon was about Paul and his journeys. Just rceently I've found that I can't shake the thought that he travelled round near Leicester and Derby, but I'm sure that's not quite what the text says.
Monday was a public holiday, when we might have done something exciting but in fact didn't. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, and we went for lunch at Betty's.
Tuesday: after an early lunch it was off to Birkenhead for the purchase of Christopher's unform. The blazer and tie haven't changed, but there are definite changes to the sport uniform. Instead of an all-white gym shirt, it's one with a broad black and red stripe round the middle. In my day, that was only for those who had represented the school at the highest level. Only one rugby shirt, rather than the maroon and white shirts I had to have. And beyond the sports field and desked classroom, a lab coat. It was never like that in my day. I'd also guess he won't be working much with benzene or mercury in the lab.
Yesterday was his first day: just an hou to meet the tutor. After that, we were in Liverpool to buy boots. I also tried to buy spare ink for our computer printer, but it wasn't a listed model. Eventually we got it sorted out and I bought online.
And today, cold drizzle to support us, is the first full day of term. It's quiet here, as I have just come back from making sure Chris found the school bus while Viv is up at Wirral with Matthew, sorting out options.
Soon after she gets back from this, I'll be off on the fortnightly signing my name lark. It's a curious system, but it's been working for years.
Finally, for five points, if life is a minestrone, what is death? If you Google, please admit it.
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