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Sunday evening

Friday saw another day at work, with another curry from Tulsi at lunchtime. After work, it was time for the first session of the vestry retreat, but not before a plate of chilli con carne at home. Probably just as well, as the chinese takeaway provided was sub-optimal, in my humble opinion.
Saturday was more of the same, but Viv and I enjoyed a curry from Lower Hutt, before watching the episode of Blue Heelers we had missed the previous night. After that on the tape was the procession through London, so we watched that too before stumbling into bed around midnight.
Sunday morning, Low Sunday, but a surprisingly large attendance at church considering, with a drama about doubting Thomas. I come from a long line of doubting Thomases myself.
After the service and hot bread lunch, the boys were playing pool on a very dodgy table, which seemed to take ages. Eventually we came home. Not so long after that, we had a few card games and after the rain had stopped, we went to Trentham Memorial Park to play with the new t-ball set, followed by a few rounds of petanque.
Then we came home and Viv took David to his Sunday night soiree with some friends from church.
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