Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The week so far

As I mentioned, Monday was our anniversary. The day continued with the putting away of books and other things, while we threw away duplicates, packing paper and other stuff while we still had the skip. You can read about our anniversary dinner at dinner.
On Tuesday, we went off to Birkenhead to buy some storage: a large wooden box for some records, two CD and DVD racks. Heavy, but just about portable if you took relays along the street from the bus stop to home. Assembled them on Tuesday afternoon.
Wednesday: started slowly, ended up with just about every book and CD on a shelf. Most of the shelves are in some sort of order, so finding the book you want is now easier than in ever was in Wellington...or Hastings...or possibly even Sheldon. We both believe that the time spent doing this will be amply repaid.
And that brings me to today.
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