Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday afternoon, 3pm

Didn't Simon and Garfunkel write a song with a title something like that?
So far, no further news of interviews, just the word that one last week didn't result in success. However, the week has had some bright spots, not least of which has been that Andrew has come round and sorted out the light in the living room and bathroom. The light fitting in the living room used to have two fluorescent strips, only one of which worked. This has been replaced by a rather pleasing lightshade and lamp and is supported by the three wall lamps, which no longer give out a muddy glow. The bathroom fitting, which was very brittle as I found out when I whacked it while I was cleaning the nicotine/tobacco gunk off the ceiling, has also been replaced.
The bathroom and kitchen drains were also sorted by the Dyno-Rod man this afternoon. And there's plenty still to do.

Does anyone in Britain want a hand-made Readicut rug? Various designs available. (Will send overseas too, but postage and customs clearance will be your problem.) Forthcoming post will carry thumbnails of them.

A book written by one of my mathematics tutors has been published. Click here. A more useful edition is also available.

We're still dealing with the kitchen grime and the backlog of washing caused by the salty/musty sea freight. Not helped by rain and gloomy conditions.

Earlier in the week, we zipped off to Liverpool and Birkenhead to buy bits and pieces. On Monday, I suggested that we went to Liverpool. I wasn't to know that I had picked out a day with track and signalling difficulties, so we ended up catching a bus under the river.
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