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I was sure I'd written about the quaint habit of saying "rabbits" early on the morning of 1st October, but looking through the archives, it seems not. I have no idea where this custom started, but it seems fairly widespread. One year, Mum recalled, a family member had to leave before anyone else was up, but when they rose, they found a card on the mantlepiece bearing the single word in order to show he had not forgotten.
Back a few days to Wednesday. In the evening, we went to the first adult Bible study I have ever attended at St Andrews. When I lived here before, I was a youth group person; by the time I had become an adult, I was in Birmingham, worshipping at St Giles Church in Sheldon. The study looked at the first four of the ten commandments.
Thursday: a day which started slowly. It was signing on day, so I did that just before half past eleven and then had to deal with ingenious bus drivers. One crawled up behind another bus I didn't want and then shot off into the distance without stopping. The next one parked just back from the stop with "sorry not in service" on the front board. By the time the people had got off and I realised the board was a lie, it was too late. So I got a bus which goes near to home and as I got off it, the one I really wanted zipped past.
The afternoon picked up, as we went off to New Ferry to buy some more nuts for the bird-feeder. We also bought some food for people at Aldi, a curious place sellin brands you've never heard of. Viv and I shared a carton of glace cherries but we also got some more wholesome food. For example, cheese slices with chilli and red capsicum. Very acceptable for yesterday's lunch.
Chris came home early as it was a half day for him. He's reached the point where he can say a little in Latin, and he was demonstrating this to us. Pater est in culina. Christophorus est iratus. Et cetera.
Betty came round in the afternoon to see us and stay for evening meal. With a national and international audience, I'm not sure what to call the meal served in the evening.
After she had gone, we watched the first DVD of ST:TOS (Star Trek, The Original Series) before retiring.
Today, the boys have had haircuts and Matthew has gone off in the rain to the movies with some school friends.
I think the day will be a fairly quiet one. There is still washing to do, but I'm not sure how much will get dry with the inclement weather outside.
We're just starting to write our Christmas list. Those who were on the "send early" list are now on the "send late" list, but those who were on the "send late" list are now on the "send early" list, except for those who aren't in Britain or New Zealand, who are still on the "send early" list. And some people who were on the list now won't be, but some who weren't on the list now will be. And most people will get dead trees but some will get recycled electrons.
We will also need to put some content into the letter, which will eventually be posted at http://halliday.co.nz
Cold coffee drunk, that is all.
Not quite all: we heard from our solicitor yesterday. We'll be visiting him next Friday to sign papers and finalise a lot of stuff related to Mum's estate.
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