Ian (ringbark) wrote,


It rained on Saturday afternoon, but we did go to Birkenhead to buy some Christmas cards and a fountain pen for Christopher. We also bought a couple of bits and pieces for Christmas, as well as the new Chris de Burgh live album, which might not survive till Christmas.
Matthew finally came back from the cinema, where he had seen "Goal" before going off to Liverpool. The evening progressed as they sometimes do, with Matthew winning a game of AOM against the family. Again.
This morning, it was the harvest service at church. At 9:30, I joined Betty for the first service, which had the last in the current series of sermons from Genesis. She went off home and the rest of the family joined me for the Family Harvest service. The music was decidedly child-friendly (not-Ian-friendly) but evrything else was fine.
After that, lunch at Betty's followed by home, followed by tea at home, if I stop typing this and prepare and eat something.
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