Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Monday morning

I was listening to a Bible study, and the speaker told us that when God created the world, He blessed everything that He had made. I knew that, but I didn't know that the blessings were not evenly spread. On the second day (Monday), God didn't bless things, but on the third day (Tuesday), He blessed things twice, so that Orthodox Jews see Tuesday as the day of double blessing. This is the most compelling argument I have ever heard to explain "that Monday feeling" and why we feel so much better on Tuesday.
Anyway, last night we had cherry jam sandwiches and/or peanut butter sandwiches. Unlike Americans, we don't mix our peanut butter with our jelly/jam. Ever. The boys had scrambled egg, another of the miracle foods I make better in a microwave oven. (List also includes porridge and corn on the cob.)
We set off to St Mary's to hear the storyteller be interviewed. Now that we know that there is a bus to take us there, even if it is a roundabout route, it's a more pleasant journey than three trains. The speaker whose name I could look up spoke about his experiences telling stories to adult and child audiences, about cultural differences in storytelling and about the events surrounding the death of his father. Certainly an event worth going along to, but not taxing as all we had to do was sit and listen.
Back home afterwards, a quiet end to the evening, a quiet morning except for LJ comments.
No doubt the day will get to be more and more exciting as it progresses.
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