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Gacked from songmonk

Put an X if you've done them.
(x) Slept all night in a bed with a person of the opposite sex.
( ) Slept all night in a bed with a person of the same sex.
(x) Slept for more than 12 hours.
(x) Missed a week of school or more.
( ) Put chapstick on more than five times in an hour.
(x) Kissed more than one person in a day.
(x) Kissed more than two people in a day.
( ) Created a MySpace survey.
( ) Eaten a worm.
(x) Jumped on a trampoline.
( ) Ridden a unicycle.
(x) Done something special for someone else.
( ) Stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant.
(x) Paid more than $50 for food at a fast food resturant.
( ) Got caught for cheating on a test.
( ) Brushed your teeth while on the phone.
( ) Worked in fast food.
(x) Written a poem.
( ) Randomly called people out of a phone book.
( ) Put bananas in your Cheerios.
( ) Dated someone more than two years older than you.
(x) Eaten frosting out of the original container.
( ) Had a dream about a MySpace friend.
(x) Fallen in public.
(x) Had your pants rip.
( ) Recently had a PB&J sandwich.
( ) Met your principal's parents.
(x) Killed an animal.
(x) Been prescribed to three or more medications by a doctor.
( ) Wished you were an only child. (because I am already)
(x) Been unproud of a decision you made.
( ) Worked for a family member.
( ) Made out in a car.
(x) Been to a concert.
(x) Gotten away with a lie to your parents.
( ) Been dumped the night of a dance and left without a date.
( ) Gone out with a person one of your parents set you up with.
( ) Ridden on a shopping cart in a Safeway.
( ) Went into a mini mart in socks.
( ) Worn a tiara.
(x) Gone to church more than two times in a week.
(x) Worn five or more layers of clothing.
( ) Had a stalker. (Sort of, if you know what I mean.)
(x) Swam in clear blue water.
(x) Sat in a doctor's office with a friend.
(x) Ran across four lanes of traffic.
( ) Made fish lips.
(x) Kissed someone on the neck.
(x) Taken pictures with a stranger.
( ) Been to Busch Gardens.
(x) Made a public speech.
(x) Made a smoothie or milkshake.
(x) Had fun at work/school.
(x) Watched a movie so often you could quote every word.
( ) Listened to an old 'N SYNC or Backstreet Boys CD more than once in a day AFTER they were popular.
(x) Kept something from a past relationship.
(x) Given someone else a flower.
(x) Taken a foreign language.
(x) Gotten to school at 6:15 in the morning.
(x) Laughed for no apparent reason.
(x) Wanted to meet someone you met online in person.

I note that my answers are similar to most of the other people who have done this test, which suggests that maybe it isn't very well constructed.
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