Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Half way through another week

I was very disappointed to wake up on Sunday with a blocked up nose and a cough - it seems much too early in the season. Still, these things happen from time to time. I have sought the advice of a local pharmacist who has given me some stuff: "only take one a day - it's powerful medication!" We'll see.
Monday saw another cold day, the coldest we have had so far this winter. Note: southern hemisphere, so seasons are reversed.</i> The office is hustling and bustling as we work to produce several papers which are required, and which I don't care to discuss in a public forum such as this! Can't remember what was for lunch, sorry.
Tuesday was warmer, and filled in with a committee meeting at lunchtime and a visit to Petone in the evening. Unfortunately, the train left Petone five minutes early, so Denis and I were very grateful that Viv was able to give us a lift. Once home, Viv and I watched the funeral and the procession. The funeral seemed much shorter than Diana's. Was it? The procession broadcast went on for hours, or so it seemed.
This morning, work continued and I finally got something for the cough. I'm slowly returning to something approaching normality, I think you'll find.
Another evening coaching an O'Shea orator, and returning home later to find Viv reading LOTR to the boys. That's all for now.
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