Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday morning

The week is passing along nicely. As I promised, I've put our rugs up for sale on eBay, but the response so far has been disapppointing. A recruitment guy has been in touch with me about a six month contract for a large Mancunian company: once again, time will tell if it moves from a theoretical possibility to a real position for me.
On Tuesday, Matthew went to see a production of The Tempest in Liverpool. He seemed to enjoy it, but was much more keen on telling us about the fight that broke outside while theye were waiting. We had to go up to school to pick him up afterwards: seems that nobody is keen on a 14-y-o catching the train home by himself at 11pm. Wednesday morning and Chris went off to his team-building course on Anglesey. I'm not sure exactly what it's really called, but when we've done it, it's been called team-building. And it was the careers fair for Matthew last night too. He wasn't keen to go, but he seemed interested by some people alking about law as a profession. The figures they quoted as possible salaries must, I am sure, be taken with a pinch of salt.
That takes us up to today. Our friend Gill will be visiting today and we expect her any minute now. Outside, it's a gloomy autumn day and there won't be any bright shining sun now for a good while. Inside, the house is continuing its slow transformation into our home, and is becoming more welcoming both to us and to visitors.
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