Ian (ringbark) wrote,

So it was last Saturday....

Saturday night and not much happened, more's the pity. On Sunday morning, as usual, we had breakfast and went off to church, where a new series of studies on Paul's letter to the Ephesians was starting. Lunch at Betty's house after that. Sunday evebing and the boys joined us at church for the evening service, which is shorter and more youth-friendly. I spent quite a bit of the weekend starting to enter our library into LibraryThing, something I hope to finish in time. But during the week, there have been other things. Monday saw the practical end of the ceiling cleaning (phase one), with the whole ceiling now cleaned once except for a tiny coner where I can't reach it because the grandfather clock is in the way. Other cleaning also took place. In the evening, my cousin Alison came round for dinner!tea!supper. This could have been a difficult time, as Alison spent almost every evening here when Mum was alive, and it was her first time back since February. Fortunately, it proved to be quite a calm evening, with the biggest shock the realisation that Alison doesn't have a computer or a DVD player or a freeview box and has only just got a CD player.
We spent Tuesday in the garage, where my LP records are now all in one place, and the construction toys are all in another place and it is almost possible to walk around and find things, even rugs which didn't sell. We threw out very little, but the garage looks much tidier and better organised. There's still a long way to go.
On Wednesday afternoon, we went off to Argos to try to buy some more things, but met with very little success. The storage boxes we want for the LPs are out of stock and we couldn't order them, but we couldn't order a desk for Matthew either as their computer system had crashed.
Still, we did buy some shoes and a couple of other bits and pieces too.
Wednesday evening was an informal meet-the-class-teacher evening for Chris's class. We went along, my sense of direction hindering our return quite dramatically. As I type this, I'm sure that vivh is doing the same. It was good to meet the teacher, and also an old school-friend of mine who has a son in the same class.
Ahead of us now is a cup of coffee before I go off to sign my name, buy some cream, drop off some forms at the medical centre and possibly some other things too.
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