Ian (ringbark) wrote,

While tea was cooking, a nervous panic was enfolding me as I realised that having a set of judging forms for tonight's humorous contest might be altogether a Good Thing, but my printer did not agree. As I tried to print the forms required, the print head kept banging against the side of the printer and not playing the game at all. Different print quality, even disconnecting the scanner and printing straight to the printer made no difference. Eventually I was able to print what I needed, switching the printer off after each page. Not ideal. As it turned out, copies of the forms were already there, but I wasn't to know this.

Recovery complete, I also took the opportunity to be one of the first to download the next episode of Stephen King's The Plant for which I will shortly pay a dollar. I set this to print as we left. (It printed perfectly.)

David and Matthew were instructed to behave well at the Toastmasters meeting and I'm pleased to say that they did behave very well. Trish and Woolly both spoke to them at some length, Trish to talk about Rangitoto and Woolly to ask whether they had had much takeaway food since Viv had been away.

The contest itself saw four fine speeches, the winner being An alien at my table, a speech about a teenager. I was later called upon to use a speech containing the words blue, bus, revolving and ridiculous. I did this by talking about Wallasey buses. In commenting on the contest, Woolly described the room's acoustics as abysmal. As soon as the meeting was over, we set off for home and the boys were keen to go straight to bed, as it was already past bedtime. I made myself a cup of coffee and got the day's events saved for posterity. Tonight I'll try to get an early night again...try, that is - not get one!
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