Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thurday was as I described, except that I didn't buy the cream until it was almost evening-meal-time. What about Friday? Wasn't that the day we wandered off into town and did some shopping? Could have been...
On Saturday, it was off to Chester Cathedral. Debbi from our church was to be licensed as a Reader, so we went along to support her at the service. Afterwards, we went to her house to support her and her family. It's a significant time for anyone, as it is the culmination of years of training. Unfortunately, there were not many there at the evening party, though the cathedral had been packed earlier on. It was just like that in Birmingham in 1988 when I was licensed as a Reader.
After that, it was home time. Sunday morning and Viv was playing in the church music group for the first time in years, and probably the first time in around twenty years at our church. A quiet afternoon and a short evening service and then back home for another evening.
Chris has his half-term holiday (NZ: mid-term break) for the next two weeks. Monday lunchtime, Viv went off to the local pub for lunch with her mother to use up some of the promo vouchers we have received. We'll be back there later this week.
Just after we arrived home, the finishing touches were being put to the renovations at the Merebrook, when a workman dropped his blowtorch. I mentioned it at the time - http://www.livejournal.com/users/ringbark/265075.html - the renovations pretty much needed to be started again anf then some.
While she was away, our order from Argos arrived: a desk for Matthew and more bookshelves. I also played a game of AOM with Christopher, but I don't care to discuss the result. Today, therefore, we will be making furniture. We also need to plase another order with Asda.
The rest of the day yesterday was very quiet. Wait and see what today will bring...
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