Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Today has been a busy day. The possibility of an interview in Manchester tomorrow has unfortunately evaporated, but I have applied for three more jobs: one in Liverpool, one in Chester and one somewhere else. Tomorrow wouldn't be my choice of day to travel, as we have an appointment at the bank at lunchtime and a concert to go to in the evening.
Now, to today: after seeing Matthew off to school this morning, we set about building a kitset bookshelf. Now, although I say bookshelf, that's not what we are using it for. It's a pretty rough piece of Argos furniture, and we will be putting it in the garage to store boardgames and records. There were an enormous number of screws to screw and by the time it was finished, two halves of three shelves each, it was lunchtime. We took it out to the garage and stuck one half on top of the other and admired the finished item, well over two metres tall.
After lunch, it was Matthew's desk's turn. This was expected to be harder, but turned out to be easier. Three small shelves on one side, three drawers on the other side. We transferred the contents of his existing bedside drawers into it, noting one drawer contained nothing but a bow tie. Another had a number of used sweet wrappers, which we discarded.
Then on to Chris's room. Chris's room has six light tubes round the walls and one lamp in the centre. When we arrived here in July, only two of the tubes (30w each) were working. By the end of this afternoon, they all were. The fittings are amazingly fiddly and almost certainly don't comply with current health and safety regulations.
After that, I logged onto a jobs board that I don't remember using before, but which had sent me an email suggesting it had met me before. No, not an evil spamming bastard, because they wouldn't know who I am, but would instead send me details about products for which, I assure you, I have absolutely no need. I'm talking about the low-interest mortgage scams, of course. What did you think I meant? I had a look around and found three jobs worth applying for.
Then we went outside and took the leaves off one of the grids. The leaves were blocking it and I didn't want to have to pay another £100 to get it sorted out.
And tonight after tea, I'll be going round to Betty's to have a go at sorting out her magic computer box.
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