Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday evening and I was round at Betty's trying to update the computer. XP updates, Norton updates, all down a dialup line. It's true: once you get broadband, you never want to go back. Of course, the biggest update, over 8 MB, broke. I will return...
Wednesday, the day we went off to talk to the man at the bank. We're not looking for a loan, so I didn't need to wear my best suit. But boy, could he talk. We were with him for nearly two hours, right over lunchtime, and we're still not done. More excitment there on Monday. We were back in time to take receipt of an order from Asda just after three. I turned down the own brand wheat biscuits as a substitute, the first time I have refused a sub.
In the evening, it was off to Wirral Grammar for the chamber concert. A varied concert "from Mozart to Metallica" as the compère said. Of course, in my day, there would have been NO electric guitars and NO drums because, as our principal would always be quick to tell you, listening to just one bar of rock music would invetitably lead you into a downward spiral of hopeless drug addiction.
However, the programme was very fine. Our friend's son Ben played trombone in two pieces, both of which were played well.
Today was the jobs fair in Liverpool. It was something of a disappointment, as I had hoped there would be more companies recruiting more senior positions. I can't believe how many call centres there are round here...
Tomorrow, I will be visiting another recruiter, following a call before I left this morning. There are a couple of other opportunities around too. Let's wait and see.
Just had evening meal, I think I might post the details in dinner for once.
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