Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Monday morning

Good morning, one and all.
On Friday night, our boys went off to the various bits of the church youth group, and at some point they met up for a firework display. I'm not clear as to why the fireworks were on 21st October...maybe celebrating 200 years since Trafalgar.
Of course on 5th November, we'll be celebrating 400 years since the evil Catholic plot to overthrow our magnificent Anglican monarchy. Or something. The best solution, as previously discussed, is to pour out another glass of fine white wine. I will miss the display over Wellington Harbour, which I have seen in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Where was I? Oh yes. While they were at the youth thing, we disappeared off to the curry emporium to buy a takeway. Then, Saturday morning and we didn't get going for a while, but did go off to the Argos area, where we bought (among other things) lampshades for Chris's and David's rooms.
Sunday, a day when we took the boys off to the Sunday service in the morning. Christopher went off to the group that meets during Church time. I'm not sure what the group is called. Matthew stayed with us during the service. Well, actually he stayed with me, as Viv was up at the front playing her much-treasured clarinet. We hung around a bit after the service, before leaving for the station. See http://www.merseyrail.org for details. We got on the train at Port Sunlight, then it was Spital, then just as we were arriving at Bromborough Rake, Viv asked "where's my clarinet?" which was a most unsettling question. The boys stayed on the train to Bromborough, while we got off and sprinted over the bridge to get the next train back to Port Sunlight. Well, I sprinted over the bridge, but Viv missed it. The train, that is, not the bridge. At Port Sunlight, I went back up to the platform, looked around, was told by the passengers that they'd taken it to the booking hall. I caught the next train to Bromborough, and Viv joined me on it at Bromborough Rake. Then it was off to Betty's for lunch.
A leisurely afternoon, a light evening-meal while we watched "Songs of Praise" and then off to our evening service. We have now sorted out out tickets for "Remember, Remember" - a play about the plot I mentioned above - see http://www.ridinglights.org/shows/remember_001.php for details! We've also fixed up evening-meal with a couple we have been keen to catch up with since our return home. Can you say over-committed?
After we got home, taking advantage of the New Zealand public holiday, we phoned David and talked for a while about all sorts of things, some serious, some less so.
And that pretty much takes us up to this morning, where we have got going. The boys are squabbling as they play Monopoly. I have a prospective employer bank to call before we go off to see our own bank again at 2 o'clock. Also planned for this week: a haircut.
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