Ian (ringbark) wrote,

From Monday afternoon

We went off to the bank, but it wasn't ideal. There were two key pieces of business we wanted to deal with: the lesser one was easy, but the greater one hadn't been dealt with at all. So looks like we'll have to go back there again. We also were hoping to get Chris's glasses fixed, but they were apparently beyond that. Then we went down to Aldi to pick up some things for evening-meal on Tuesday.
We played a game of Galactic Battlegrounds before bed...
Tuesday morning and we set off to Birkenhead for a llok around and to get the glasses replaced. While we were there, the boys had lunch at McD. I took them to look at Skeleton Records, a cultural icon of the town and a place I used to hang out, though it has moved to new premises since I was there. The boys were unimpressed by the mass of vinyl on display but did like some of the signs on the walls: "unattended children will be sold as slaves" etc.
Back home mid afternoon, after calling in at Thorntons to buy some chocolate, already discussed elsewhere. Before long, it was time for Steve and Chris to arrive. It's the first time we've both had evening-meal with them for many years. Maybe when we were back home at Christmas 1995? It can't have been more recently than that. It was certainly something new for us to return their much appreciate hospitality over the years by having them to dine at our house. The night passed so quickly, and it was eleven and time to go before we had even scratched the surface on the last fifteen or twenty years of news.
Not so early this morning, we rose and were just about to serve breakfast. In fact, Viv had just put the bacon and eggs on the table when Betty called. As the weather was fair, she'd called to get the list of what we were ordering for our Christmas lunch.
After a little while, it was off to Liverpool and then to Birkenhead, where Matthew had an eye-test. He has no requirement for glasses. After tea, a quick call to my cousin Alison and then a longer call to our friends Dave and Kate, who we have invited to come and visit us in about three weeks time.
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