Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another day in paradise

Thursday was a pretty quiet day. I signed on just before lunch. We went to the Merebrook for lunch, using up the last discount voucher. Three of them had sizzing steaks, Viv's with a creamy mushroom sauce, while I had a gammon steak with pineapple. The only time I eat pineapple is when it's supported by ham or gammon. Then Viv went off to her mum's, the boys went off to a friend, I stayed home and listened to a documentary on cryptography, interrupted only by the groceries being delivered.
After tea, we played Age of Mythology. I played disastrously. Chris won.
In other news, Dave and Kate's pictures of their recent cruise are online at collieronline.
The Waterfront in Port Vila, one our favourite haunts when we lived there, has been destroyed by fire.

A question from last night: When someone says "I'll give you a bell" as a slang term for "I will call you by telephone", is it because a telephone has a bell, or because it was invented by Bell?
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