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A blank week?

Well, a whole week has elapsed without my writing anything here. I think that the weekend in Taupo and the rest of life has finally overtaken me.
What has happened in the meantime? Events including but not limited to a week at work, a speech at Toastmasters, area governor visits, a church vestry meeting, playing computer games and real games in Hutt Valley fields. I'll have another go at keeping up to date this week.
In other news, one of the finest stories in recent years (Lunch at the Gotham Cafe) is now legally available online here, which is a joy, as I have previously not had a printed copy to enjoy, just the audio-book.
Saturday was spent quietly, with very little going on except for a game or two in the nearby fields after lunch. It's the start of the hockey season, so the boys had their first practice this weekend.
Sunday saw a most unusual service: Robin and Ann, two of our church members, were married in our Sunday service, followed by the reception in our community centre afterwards. This was hard work for us all, and we returned home afterwards quite exhausted.
For tea we had French stick with flavoured olive oils from Prenzel, which is much better than it sounds.
Back to work today, a strange week it will be with Monday, Wednesday and Friday as the only days in the office.
Finally, an area governor visit tonight, followed by lasagna at home afterwards
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